The work of Youth informative and counselling centre INFOPEKA consists of collecting, editing and distribution of current, accurate, dependable and useful INFORMATION on daily basis and free of charge. We acquire these from different sources, and distribute them further to young people, aged 15 – 29, and other members of the community (parents, teachers, youth workers…).
The information, which we distribute free of charge, cover the following areas:
= formal and non-formal education,
= scholarships,
= employment and apartment search,
= spare time activities,
= culture,
= counselling,
= health,
= spirituality,
= youth mobility and tourism,
= voluntary work,
= sports and recreation,
= social, health and legal care…

We can find the right information for you, but that’s not all!

We offer you free access to COMPUTERS in our office, where you can surf the internet, e-mail, write and, of course, print.

In our READING CORNER, you can read numerous Slovene magazines, newspapers or comic books.

And that’s still not all!

You would like to organize a lecture, a workshop or a concert? We offer HELP and SUPPORT with realising your idea or project.

In INFOPEKA we help develop youth’s creative potentials, encourage acquisition of new knowledge and practical experiences, and enable participation in creative or educational WORKSHOPS, which we organize every year.

If you think you have enough time and energy to help your peers, if you like trying something new, and if you’re just full of ideas, you can join our group of VOLUNTEERS. We will be happy to have you as our member.

For € 6,26, you can also buy NEFIKS here. Nefiks is the Index of non-formal education, in which you can enlist all of your extra-curricular activities. The use of the booklet is manifold, and it can be very helpful while searching for employment.


We will gladly do our best to find the answers to your questions, chat with you, or provide you the counselling you need. During all that, we guarantee that your privacy and anonymity will be respected.

INFOPEKA informs, counsels and encourages you – free of charge.

Info:  Pekarna-magdalenske mreže, +386 2 300 68 50, +386 41 481 246,

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