Intervju: “When this is over, everything will be going back to normal.”

Vabljen_a k branju intervjuja s psihologom Juanom Moreno Moreno, ki je magistriral iz psihologije na Univerzi v Malagi. Odkar je v Sloveniji poučuje španščino in raziskuje, kako pomemben je jezik ter njegov vpliv na misli in kako lahko sprejemamo realnost ter spremenimo individualistično družbo, kjer živimo. Juan je prav tako magistriral iz hispanistike na Filozofski fakulteti v Mariboru. V okviru cikla “Govorimo o duševnem zdravju” izvaja razna predavanja vezana na duševno zdravje v skupnosti. 

Hello and thank you very much for joining me here today. Would you be so kind and give us a brief description of yourself.
OK sure. I am Juan Moreno. I’m from Spain. I live in Slovenia because I came here as an Erasmus student, fell in love and decided to stay. I am a psychologist and have studied psychology but have never worked as a psychologist. I also studied Spanish and am currently working as a Spanish teacher.

Thank you. Right now, every single one of us is in a very unusual situation. How are you personally dealing with it?
Actually, I’m doing quite well. I do more sports than usual. Of course, my life has changed because now I have to teach online and I have less social contact with my friends. I mean less physical contact than thanks god it is still possible to talk to your friends over your phone and social networks. It definitely has changed but I can’t say whether it’s too good or bad. it’s just different.

I agree the technology that is available to us is a very big help in this situation even if it’s not the same as seeing a person face to face.
Yes, we are calling it social distancing, but we are not social distancing because we are not alone, we are still talking to each other so it’s physical distancing. And also, when we are not in quarantine a big part of our social interaction is happening online. For example, I’m used to talking to my family in Spain over the Computer.

What is your living situation like right now you live alone or with someone?
I live with my boyfriend. I have been for five years now. He is a doctor and has to work every day. We also try to reduce the arguments to a minimum, although we spend more time than normal with each other.

I believe that many couples who now spend considerably more time together can understand this approach very well. What do you think are the biggest obstacles if you live together with other people right now?
If you live together with others it is the lack of time alone. Because being alone for a certain percentage of your time is good for our mental health. If you live with someone, no matter with one or five people, it can be very bad for you not to be alone. It can really stress you out.

OK. In relation to that what do you suppose to be the worst thing about living alone in a situation like this?
This is even worse than as the social animal that we are, we need physical contact. Some people are very introverted, and they do not mind this being alone so much but people that are extroverts and living alone are suffering. They really need physical contact and their real social network not Facebook. Being totally alone now is definitely the worst.

The Covid-19 pandemic created an unusual situation for all of us. Of course, the situation is different for each of us and the problems are very individual, but do you think that there are some hacks and tricks that are helpful for the general public?
Of course, there are hacks and tricks, but they are somewhat vague. Depending on where you are and whether it is allowed, you should go out as often as possible. For example, walk or spend some time in the park. The following things are very subjective, but they help me. I do a lot of sport, I try to get a routine in my day, always get up and go to bed at the same time and try to not destroy my sleep rhythm. Also, we shouldn’t be too strict with ourselves. It’s totally OK if we are in a bad mood sometimes or drink a little more. One thing has to be clear to us, we don’t know what helps everyone. And we shouldn’t avoid the crises we have at the moment. If you have to cry, then you have to cry. You shouldn’t try to suppress it. because we are not prepared for that. Sometimes I feel a bit alone in the world when I read these Facebook or Instagram posts that say eat this or that and do this exercise. Just be happy. If I feel like crying let me cry.

With corona we all have to spend more time at home, what do you think has that for impacts on families?
There are definitely more arguments and fights. The reason for this is that people don’t communicate. They don’t let her know how they feel or what they think. We do not say “hey I feel a little bit down today. I don’t need advice, or anything please just let me alone for a bit. “It would be positive if we could learn in this situation to tell others how we are and how we feel. In addition, we now have time to get to know the people we live with even better.

Do you know this meme where one person says: “When this is over, everything will be going back to normal.” and someone else replies: “how it was before was far from normal!”? And do you believe that after the lock down is over there will be some major changes in our society?
Yes, I know the meme and I would not like to go back to the normal we had before. Because it obviously doesn’t work. people have to starve; health systems do not supply everyone and much more. Everyone who knows me knows that I am not a fan of Capitalism. Humanity’s resources are not fairly distributed. People in Bangladesh sew t-shirts for one euro a day so that people in Europe have cheap clothes. Of course, this is just one example of many. I definitely don’t want to go back to a normality like this. And I am very positive that we can change something.

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