Vacancies for Volunteers in Maribor

Become a volunteer through the initiative European Solidarity Corps at Pekarna Magdalenske mreže Maribor. We want to host volunteers who are enthusiastic, sociable, creative and open for different opportunities and collaborations. We are looking for three volunteers (from September 2019 to June 2020) for our host project Do the (r) evolution! vol.5, candidates should send email with CV and motivation letter with information about sending/supporting organisation to the coordinator Nataša Usar:, by 24th of March 2019 at the latest.

Description of organisation:

Hosting organisation, Pekarna Magdalenske mreže is a non-governmental, non-profit institution, founded in 1997 as an organisation for encouraging, supporting programme and project cooperation among individuals and groups conducting youth, informative and cultural activities as well as for granting assistance in solving their short-term residential needs for creative spaces. Our organisation is small, we work with a team of paid staff (6 fte) and with co-workers and local volunteers.

Foto: Michal Čerňanský

Programme-wise our organisation works in three main areas: independent culture, youth/volunteer work and civil engagement.

Our cultural programme includes organisation, co-organisation, promotion and realization of non-profit cultural events, mainly from the fields of visual arts, films, photography, theater of the oppressed, which find it harder to gain recognition within the established environment and are actually shaping the distinct programme image of the Cultural Centre Pekarna, paying special attention to the idea and message behind them.

Within the organisation, the Youth Informative-Counselling Centre INFOPEKA is active in providing the public with the youth programmes. Its basic activity is providing free information, counselling and non-formal education programmes for the young, aged between 15 and 29 (children, students, employed and unemployed young people) and for all, who live and work with them and to the interested public (teachers, parents, counsellors, youth-workers …), with the focus on volunteer and community work. We have been organizing volunteer programmes for young volunteers for twenty years now. The programmes, which our volunteers are working on, are providing free instructions for pupils, weekly educational and creative workshops with children with fewer opportunities, different informational initiatives, creative activities regarding films and theatre.

Our history in Volunteering experience:
In our organisation we’ve been developing and executing different programmes since 2004 (European voluntary service, European Solidarity Corps). Till now, we have hosted 38 volunteers from various countries. With their implementation into various activities, they have greatly contributed to recognition of voluntary work, youth work and activities of our organisation. We also function as a sending organization and till now, we have sent 32 EVS volunteers abroad. Pekarna’s EVS-blog (in English):

Where we are:
Pekarna Magdalenske mreže is a part of independent cultural center (Pekarna Cultural Centre) in northwest Slovenia, Maribor. Mariboris the second largest city of Slovenia with about 96,000 inhabitants and the capital of Stajerska, the Slovenian Styria and is embraced by Pohorje forests. Maribor is as well an university and sociable city. Spoken English is on the level of other European countries in the nearby region, but most of the public events are in Slovene language, nevertheless we will offer Slovene language courses. Volunteers can live within striking distance of our organization in rental flat (single room). Flats are furnished and provide with all basic devices for cooking and living.

Foto: Michal Čerňanský

The project description:
The main aim of the project Do the (r) evolution! vol.5 is to develop high quality activities for young people in the fields of art, creation and civil engagement with the help of informal and non formal learning.  The project will last for 10 months and give them the possibility to participate in the formation of cultural, youth, youth-information, volunteer and social activities of Pekarna Magdalenske mreže.

What are EVS volunteers doing in our organisation?
In our organisation, we try to include volunteers in all organisation’s activities, that seem interesting to them or that they want to learn, and we actively encourage them in creating and performing their own projects. Volunteers actively participate in creating cultural, art, youth, informative, social and civic activities, and through their work also promote European Solidarity Corps program among young people in our environment. Through their activities and living they gain the feeling of belonging to organisation as well as belonging to community and local environment, they grow personally, spread and develop their fields of interest, and also continually learn during the process.

Among many things, volunteers learn the strategies and techniques of self-organising and planning cultural, youth and other events, and gain the required abilities to work in a group of people with different cultural and social backgrounds. During that process they learn about the projects and workings of non-government, non-profit organisation and perform publicly renowned projects in the fields of culture, art, youth and activism. Each volunteer is precious to a hosting organisation, because they bring difference, novelty, fresh perspective, experience and knowledge to work, relationships and projects.

Foto: Michal Čerňanský

Proposed activities for volunteers:
We are looking for three volunteers to be involved in our activities. Here are just few of them:
– Pekarna DOBIŠ DAŠ; the program is about organization and implementation of various educational and leisure activities for the social excluded youth,
– Pekarna Potopisi – Pekarna Travelogue; the program is about a different type of travelogue; we try to “break stereotypes” about other countries, ethnicities, social groups etc., and the concept of a “tourist travel” itself,
– Brezmejni svet – World without borders; the aim of the project »World without borders« in social and cultural integration of young people and children and the children of migrants (Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Serbia, Somalia, Russia …) into local community, because as the result of different migrations, the city of Maribor is becoming an ethnically and culturally diverse city,
– preparation and execution workshops for high school kids (different topics),
– Filmopeka is a film education with reviews of cinema films, followed by lectures by film critics,
– LGBTQ+ program,
– helping with cultural program (Gallery K18, Guest Room Maribor, artists in residence platform),
– helping with StopTrik, stop-motion animation festival,
– helping with theatre of the oppressed workshops, performances,
– photographing and editing photos of our events,
– helping with marketing – designing posters, flyers and banners for events,
– processing and creating your own projects and workshops that are within our organization’s mission and purpose (we really support this side of European Solidarity Corps).

Foto: Michal Čerňanský

You can also learn more about us on our organisation websites:
FB: Pekarna Magdalenske mreze
Pekarna’s website is translated to English:

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